Will PUBG return to India?

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You all know the fact that PUBG Mobile was banned in India but do you actually know why? A cold war is going on between India and China which is the reason why the Indian government is more keen towards banning most of the Chinese apps. Now, PUBG Mobile independently is not a Chinese app but its collaboration with tencent is what led it to being band. Playerunknown’s Battleground Mobile has been one of the most popular games in India since a long time now. Many games came and gone but pubg mobilr has always remained a sensation.

The ban of the most downloaded as well as the most trending mobile game did stir the social media a lot. Pubg Ban as well as Pubg Unban had been trending on twitter when the news came out.

The good news however, is that pubg might come back if it breaks its partnership with Tencent. The control has been taken back by the Korean company from Tencent which proves that the company has been working on getting the game back to India.

This makes complete sense because the revenue generated from pubg is huge because of its popularity. Indians have a different love for mobile games which is proven by the success of Playerunknown’s Battleground mobile.

On a side note, many people don’t know the fact that only player unknown Battleground mobile has been banned by the Indian government but the Player Unknown’s Battleground PC is still available for everybody.

Pubg mobile did not only have too many players but also had too many streamers. People who used to stream this game were huge in numbers in India. The Indian audience has always been looking for something like pubg in a mobile game. One of the reasons for that could be that the majority of India do not have a well built PC which restricts their horizons of games till mobile games itself. Again, there are people who love PC games as well as mobile games.

Streamers and a lot of subscribers on YouTube as well as Twitch by Streaming Pubg mobile. Not only that, Indian gamers have been on the e-sports tournament panels which is a big accomplishment, without a doubt.

Pubg mobile coming back would be a very good thing both for the company and the players. Streamers are benefited in a different way altogether and I don’t think anymore explanation is required for that. Overall, the progress till now is that the Korean company has broken its partnership with tencent which is a Chinese company. They may very soon tie up with another company which is not Chinese in order to make the game sustain in the huge country of India.

Many other popular apps were also banned by the Indian government but Pubg mobile was definitely one of those apps which stirred the internet.

The company has said that along with the regular updates that pubg has been giving its audience, it will also explore different ways to engage the community in India. Basically, this is what the company has been doing since the beginning and this is what they will do to account the collected effort that they have been putting since forever. We can all just hope and wait.

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