Why Home Loans are Cheaper than Car Loan in the USA

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A home loan is the sum of finances that a bank or any organization or institution lends to an individual that is supposed to be returned with a specific rate of interest added to it in the form of EMIs every month. And the land/property, whether it’s mercantile or personal, can be taken over by the money lending organization in case the individual is unable to pay the outstanding amount. The land or property belongs to the lender till the borrower ultimately pays it.

Popular Home Loan Options In the USA

There are numerous types of home loans that you can apply to in banks or organizations in the United States of America, which can be the one valuable and appropriate for you. Here’s the list of Home loans so that you can figure out which is beneficial to you;

Conventional Fixed Rate Mortgage

Conventional fixed-rate mortgage is the type of home loan in which the interest rate remains the same throughout the loan age.This is listed among the most popular home loans covering three-fourth of the total home loans executed in the United States of America. These home loans come with a tenure of 10, 15 and 30 years. And the best thing with these home loan types is that they are pretty predictable; the borrower exactly knows the amount to be paid and the length of the loan, and hence, he/she can adjust other expenses accordingly.

  • VA Loans

VA Loans are the ones promised by the United States Department of Veteran affairs. These loans allow the veterans and active military officers to purchase a home without any requirement of down-payment. Another advantage of these home loans is that they do not require frequent insurance payments and are easier to credit.

  • FHA Loans

The reason behind the adoration of FHA Loans is that one gets numerous benefits once get eligible for the loan. These are;

  1. The candidate is able to receive monetary gift funds for the payments by following the process to access it.
  2. The applicants don’t have to worry about their savings being sufficient for the down payment as FHA home loans provide a loan with a rate of interest as low as 3.5 %.
  3. FHA Home Loans are versatile enough to finance different types of properties in the United States.
  4. These kinds of Home loans provide loans to people without putting any conditions for a valid social security number.
  • USDA Loans

Those living in rural areas who wish to buy their own home can be eligible for this home loan by the US Department of Agriculture. These benefit applicants with no down payment and lower fixed interest rates.

What is Car Loan and Its Benefits

Having a car has become one of the requirements of this era; it was once a luxury. Although not everyone can manage to purchase a vehicle, the concept of car loans introduced by lenders made everyone eligible of having a car of their own.

Anyone can apply for a car loan online without juggling into paperwork. You can compare banks providing vehicle loans at charming rates of interest and choose one accordingly. In line with your expenses and savings, have a car loan and pay EMIs every month.

A car loan comes with multiple benefits to you like;

  1. Not only for new cars but also you can get finances for used or second-hand cars if those are under your affordability range.
  2. Some organizations can finance up to 80 to 90 per cent of the final price to be paid to the car dealer by the buyer.
  3. The tenure of a car loan extends to even 60 to 72 months or even longer, but that can make the car expensive so, completing the payment within a tenure of 36 to 48 months is advisable.

Which is better?

Having a car loan might toughen up the situation for getting a home loan that you badly want. This is because buying a car might affect your credit score if not paid on time. In addition, it can restrict your capacity to purchase a home. Although getting a car loan is way much easier to get but if you can wait, consider a home loan before a car loan.

Buying a home through a home loan sounds expensive, and on the other hand, the lesser price and shorter tenure of a car loan might lure you. In the United States of America, The annual percentage rate on car loans generally ranges from 3 – 10 %. Furthermore, individuals with a greater credit score and prime member consideration are privileged to get approved for a car loan at an interest rate as low as 3%. Those with low credit scores have to pay at an interest rate as high as 20%. While the rate of interest on home loans is usually 3% or below that, which is an excellent rate and makes the home loan a cheaper option in the long haul.

Even if you have enough cash to own a house, it is still suggested to take a home loan. You can pay a hefty amount as a down payment and the outstanding money in the form of EMIs. That’s a better financing strategy for your dream place.


Money lending organizations and banks have paved new paths for people having a keen desire to buy their favourite commodities, business purposes and even educational purposes. In this modern and economically growing era, owning a house and a car seems no longer a luxury; instead, it has become requisite that cannot be resisted. But always plan your finances that sync with your earnings and then choose wisely what the situation demands you to invest in.

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