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MBBS is one of the most sought-after course for the ones who are willing to make it big in the field of biology.In India, there is a rigorous competition for getting into a  good medical college given the very high number of aspirants and less number of medical colleges. The government run medical colleges are considered the best in the countries but students have to clear the extremely tough entrance exams like NEET, JIPMER etc. The students who couldn’t perform well in these exams sought private medical colleges but the  major drawback is high fees ranging from 60 lacs to a whooping 1 crore.Even after paying the high fees, the quality of education and the ROI ( Return of Investment) these colleges offer is questionable Hence,many students opt for pursuing MBBS from abroad , preferably from countries like Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Singapore and USA. Even though the fees of institutes is much higher in the USA than it’s counterparts, the quality of education and opportunities are a goldmine for aspiring doctors.Let’s take a deeper dive into the sea of opportunities the colleges in USA have to offer.

                  The education system

The course offered by institutes in USA is based on practical knowledge rather than theoretical knowledge like their Indian counterparts which helps to shape the way of thinking and gives a different approach to the students. The MBBS course is referred to as MD ( Doctor of medicine) in USA.The course duration is 4 years. The most highlighting part is that the students enrolled in a MD degree in a top college in USA are provided with a stipend and part-time job opportunities, which could be a major help in sustaining the expensive lifestyle requirements.Students applying to study in USA must have qualified NEET exam, scored well in IELTS ansTOEFEL and cleared the mandatory MCAT exam. The higher the scores in MCAT , the higher are the chances for acceptance in a top institution.

                        The opportunities

Pursuing MD in the US opens up a bay of opportunities, given the reputation of American medical schools around the globe, practicing as a full time doctor just after MD won’t land you getting a hefty pay in USA ,for practicing in USA you need to complete the residency program(PG ),hence  many students opt for PG courses. The best part of studying in USA is that the students don’t need to give another exam to practice in India ,which could be very helpful if you want to return to your homeland at any point after the completion of your degree.

These are the most prestigious institutions with their respective course fees per year :

  • Harvard University       –           $ 61,535
  • Tufts University              –       $ 61,464
  • Dartmouth College         –       $ 63, 551
  • Brown University               –     $ 62,917
  • University of California          –         $ 64,132
  • Washington University         –          $ 63,230
  • Columbia University             –           $ 66,257
  • Duke University               –        $ 61,032


  • Step 1– Fill out the forms and to as many universities you want and wait for response
  • Step 2–  Appear for MCAT exam. This test judges the knowledge of reasoning, science and writing skills    of students and it is a computer based test of 4 to 5 hours.
  • Step 3– Wait for results and apply for the colleges based on the MCAT score. Students are always encouraged to apply through American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS).
  • Step 4– Attach the letters of recommendation along with the applications and hope you get selected in a prestigious institution.

                       Documents required

  • Passport.
  • Visa application fee receipt.  
  • VFS appointment letter for interview.
  • Print out of DS 160 application form
  • l-120 form
  • Passport size copies of photographs


Studying in USA is a dream of many aspiring doctors because of high perks and low risks. Don’t miss out the opportunity. Also, many prestigious colleges offer scholarships and even full tuition fees waiver for financially weak but talented students so always look for those. USA is very safe and welcoming for Indian students and because of many Indians already working at reputed positions, getting into a high paying job is an easy task.


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