Privacy concerns in Social Media creating chaos

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I have been using social media since I was 14 and since then the exponential development of the internet made me think that that life was so easy back then at least my mailbox wasn’t flooded with ads right? The data algorithm has become so strong that even if you login for any Udemy courses, you will receive a mail from God knows what company which is trying to advertise their online course. It has become a luxury to have privacy nowadays because social media has now become a platform for even getting a job (I mean just observe what we do on LinkedIn). They say, if you can’t beat them, you join them.

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Since early 20s the social sites have grown to an extent where it’s quite easy to access the user’s profiles which is raising a question on privacy violation laws and creating an awareness among the individuals. Social Media is run by content creators such as individuals or organizations & if it shouldn’t be taken care of then God knows who can stop this! 

Privacy concerns

Social network is a structure made up of sets of dyadic ties where it’s quite easy to connect with people if you have common friends (so easy to know someone, isn’t it? This problem is actually a subset of data privacy involving provision to 3rd parties and displaying information relating to oneself via web. This privacy issue arises from the gigantic data these sites produce each day which include the daily activities of the user on the internet. Features like sending invites to your contact list to participate in-messages, open platform applications, photos, invitations etc. has now become a medium of privacy breaching. More specifically in the case of Facebook (I have no intention of deteriorating its image) the loophole in its framework is the third-part application programme interface (API) which includes much more user information than it is required. And the sad part is this flaw is actually inbuilt in the system (considering the reason for which Mark Zuckerberg has created this app). Many companies are trying to make money off via marketing which has made it easier for them to target an audience because of the easy availability of data. Hence, a regulated API is required for Facebook in order to protect user information.

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These social networks keep a track of all interactions which lead to cyber stalking, 3rd party information disclosure, location disclosure etc. 

Social Media Etiquette for students

Whenever you go to a college you might have faced this issue of posting pictures with new friends, sending invites for any college events, posting about your old friends reunion etc. Now that you’re ready to leave the old life behind and pursue a new career be it on your new startup, or on Health career, Finance, Content writing etc. You’re going to be judged on your social activity so you have to throw your cards smartly. 

Social Media, Privacy, and Responsibility - Let the Journey Begin

These are the general tips for you

  1. Be yourself: Though you might be worried about your privacy concerns, you don’t have to hide your thoughts just because you are behind a screen and don’t want people to know about you. It’s good to exchange thoughts and let the other people know how you’re thinking because this will help people to connect with you and also your chance of meeting like minded peoples.
  2. Don’t Discriminate: Yeah! You heard that right. Be open to new people even if those who don’t belong to your background. In this way you’re going to learn a way more new things by interacting with experienced or not-so experienced individuals.  
  3. Avoid Burnout: If you’re using social media not for interacting but just burning out our fatigue mind then you’re doing it in a wrong way. Here, you have to make a quality contribution in a discussion by a healthy mind; it’s not just winning a debate. Use it to gain skills and acquire knowledge of things you haven’t heard of (Recently, I have learned about cold mails over LinkedIn).
  4. Be curious, not snobby: Always open to new things, try to ask questions but keep that in mind the reason why you read this article, if you have privacy concerns then respect other people’s privacy and don’t be inquisitive.
  5. Don’t write private messages: It will damage your professional reputation as this is very immature nowadays.
  6. Be careful who you tag: Just because you don’t have anything to do doesn’t mean that your friends are also jobless. So don’t post/ tag weird photos of your friends because it might be demeaning their professional career.
  7. Don’t write Vague posts: Be sure that people are here for any new thoughts or information; they are not being benefited by your lyrics or pleasure-seeking posts.
  8. Share others activity: Don’t use social media just for yourself instead share what others are doing that doesn’t mean you have to share everything what others are doing, share only those which overwhelmed you and you want others to seek wisdom from it.  
  9. Always be honest and transparent: Even though you have privacy concerns still you should be honest about your thoughts and don’t be scared of any controversies just remember one thing that people have diverse opinions many of them might not agree with you but this one step will bring you one step closer to learning.
  10. Help others: Always help others in their work, be it sharing their work or post or helping them find a job via your connections because always remember that it’s not a competition it’s just a medium of connecting people.
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Social Media is going to stay for a while and the way its progressing I believe it’s going to stay forever so try to utilize it in your best interests keeping your private life separate.

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