PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X : A new generation of gaming consoles

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2020 has been officially declared as the worst year by millennials and we still can’t predict what all it is holding in it’s closet for us too see. Well if it may help a bit to cope with all this fiasco going around, Sony and Microsoft have launched their latest gaming consoles and the world can’t get enough of it. During the pre-booking session of both these consoles, the websites crashed multiple times and the consoles went out of stock within minutes. Let’s take a closer look and see what’s exactly the hype is all about.

Sony’s PlayStation 5

Sony announced it’s latest range of gaming consoles, the playstation 5 during an online event on —–, the company announced two variants of the console one was named as PlayStation 5 and the other was PlayStation 5 digital edition. The PlayStation 5 has an optical blu-ray drive for compatibility with Gaming CDs and the PlayStation 5 Digital will not support Gaming CDs. Both of these consoles are equipped with AMD CPUs and GPUs which will give the user the total power of 10.2 teraflops ,ideal for immersive experience and 4K in-depth gaming. The consoles come in a very enticing colour combination of black and white which makes it an eye candy.

 Along with the consoles Sony also announced it’s new range of DualShock controllers the key improvement in these controllers were their brand new adaptive triggers and haptic feedback which will ensure a great gaming experience. Sony also announced a new HD camera and a magic remote just to name a few.

Minutes after the online event ended, the internet was flooded with people’s reactions which were mostly positive and took the hype to a new level. Sony also announced a wide variety of games which are compatible with the new PlayStation 5 and the fans can’t wait to get their hands on the consoles. During an another online event , Sony announced the price of these consoles and they aren’t that expensive as we expected. The Playstation 5 was priced at 499.99  USD and the Playstation 5 digital edition was priced at 399.99 USD. Going by the reviews, the PlayStation 5 is highly anticipated and will hit the markets in India by 19th November.

Microsoft’s Xbox

Along with Sony, Microsoft too announced it’s flagship gaming consoles namely the Xbox Series X and the Xbox series S, the series X being more high end and hence, a bit pricey. During the initial impressions Microsoft displayed the new consoles and we could not have gotten a more ‘boxy’ Xbox than these. The Series X comes with a matt black finish and the Series S comes with a matt white finish. Being so simple in design, both of the consoles look aesthetically pleasing and give out mellow vibes unlike the futuristic looking PlayStation consoles.

Looking at the technical specifications, the Xbox Series X  comes with an optical drive to run games compatible with CD while the Xbox series S comes without the optical drive so the user has to run games digitally on it. Unlike the PlayStation models where both the consoles had same computing power and storage with availability of an Optical Drive the only distinguishing factor between them, the Xbox models have drastic technical differences between them. The Xbox Series X is said to run games at 120 fps (frames per second) at a whooping resolution of 4k while the Xbox Series S is said to run games at 120 fps at a resolution of 1440p which is not so pleasing. Coming to the storage part, the Xbox series X will have a 1 TB SSD while the Xbox Series S will have just half of it, still if the user wants more space, both of the consoles have expandable slots to pump in more storage space just as much the user sees fit. The Xbox have been a very popular console in the past and hence a lot of games were developed to run on it, keeping this legacy alive Microsoft announced a lucrative line-up for games which would be compatible with the upcoming consoles.

Although no new updates on the controllers were announced by Microsoft. We can still assume that some news might come up in the near future. You all must be wondering how much does having an Xbox cost? Well to your surprise, the Xbox series X is priced at 499 USD while the Xbox series S will be priced at even less that half of it, at 200 USD. Well going by the features the Xbox series S offers, this price point is completely justified. Microsoft also announced the shipping date of the consoles and they are trying hard to get these consoles in the market latest by November 10.

A Brief Comparison

Looking at the specs of both the consoles, we can definitely say that both the brands have tried very hard to make their product more appealing to the consumers but considering the fact the high end models like PlayStation 5 and Xbox series X offer an optical drive won’t be of much use in the modern world where everything is available to download online. Also, since most people around the globe do not possess high resolution displays, it won’t be sensible to invest in something we won’t be able to take full advantage of. The Xbox Series S might as well be the best option hence for the common consumers as it has a smaller form-factor and offers the specification in-sync with all the hardware available around us but the most hardcore gamers can always opt for the higher consoles . Also, there are also some consumers who like to keep a physical collection of their games and a console with an optical drive is a must have for them, so they could also go for the high-end ones. Having a closer look at both the brands and their consoles, we could say that they have come up with a product for every section of the customers in the gaming market and people are hyped up for these consoles like never before.

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