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First of all, what is an online class? Studying through a device while connected to the internet is called an online class.

Due to a covid pandemic, countries are not able to start up their schools and function normally. Many students are not applying abroad because they’re scared of traveling around the other side of the world when this virus is creating havoc.

These two countries; The United States and Germany, are one of the many countries around the world taking online classes and were already providing online courses in different fields, plus their education systems are progressively moving very fast and competently.

For online courses, you need not have to worry about IELTS, SATs, TOEFL, etc. As applications aren’t required.

Online courses in the United States of America:

The United States of America presently has half of its population studying through online classes.

The education department is well maintained and faces fewer issues than any other country.

Both graduate and undergraduate degrees can be obtained through learning online. The United States is also known for its extra curricular activities despite just studying.

Many students worldwide prefer to study in The States because of their teaching facilities and advancements. But students can’t travel and check on-campus or high school in person.

Exams can also be taken online through various semesters.

Places like Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Massachusetts, Alabama, etc., provide many courses to choose from for online learning.

Some of these courses are mentioned below:

  • ELI English course
  • English language course online
  • Video game development classes
  • A graphics design course, New York

Note: There are other courses to apply for online learning; make sure to check the university or academy sites for more information.

Online courses in Germany:

Germany is known for its vast numbers of intake of immigrated students across the world studying engineering, design, MBA, etc. Whether you want to work in Germany after completing the course provided by them or stay in your home country and work, it’s all up to you.

Also it’s true that many public universities in Germany provide free education to international students. But those are the universities where speaking or teaching in German is compulsory.

It’s very difficult to find an all English public university.

Though the private institutes also could be free of cost but there are very few chances you’ll find one. But it’s hugely cheaper when you pay for the online class than on-campus for private universities.

Major cities in Germany like the capital city Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, and Hamburg have many institutes that provide online classes.

Germany’s education system also provides online classes to students all around the world.

Some of these courses include:

  • Agriculture and forestry
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Environmental studies
  • Humanities
  • Architecture

Note: Different colleges provide many more online courses. Make sure to check their site before enrolling yourself in one of these classes.

Similarities between the two countries:

There are many similarities between the two countries because both the country’s education systems are developed, provide better job opportunities, etc.

For immigrating students, online classes can be a pressure or can be helpful to students to get a degree sitting in their home country. While in-person classes cost lots of dollars, online classes would be an excellent option for people trying to save money regardless of the financial aid provided by the universities.

As we’re talking about online classes, let’s check out their advantages and disadvantages.

Online classes and their advantages:

Online classes have their advantages; students who don’t like the atmosphere at school can sit at home and study through their devices.

  • You don’t have to apply for a visa.
  • No language examinations are needed.
  • Students with traveling problems are very well benefited from this type of class.
  • The fees of online courses are a lot lesser than actual institutes.
  • Students have their own home’s convenience and can study better without any distractions.
  • More time is saved from not traveling to school and then coming back home.
  • You can attend the recorded lectures anytime you want.
  • If you’re paying attention to what the professor is teaching, you’ll be able to understand the subject very well.
  • You can manage your schedule with the online classes without interfering or changing your routine.
  • It could be very beneficial for dedicated athletes who have to compromise their practice for studying.

Online courses and their disadvantages:

There are tons of disadvantages to online classes. Most of them are discussed below:

  • On-campus experience is missed out.
  • Formal learning isn’t seen while attending these classes.
  • As the doubts aren’t clear, the child will not be able to grasp the topics. And could face several difficulties ahead in life.
  • The atmosphere which is needed for learning isn’t provided.
  • Formal teaching methods can’t be performed in online classes. But from experience, many institutes try to conduct formal learning available in these classes.
  • Concepts sometimes don’t get clear, as asking doubts can be messier in the class.
  • Internet Bills and usage gets relatively high.
  • Sticking to your computers and phones all day can affect your health. Eyesight, body posture, and mental health can take a toll on you.
  • Attention span decreases as there are no disciplinary measures to ensure the child is paying attention.
  • The natural responsive behavior of a child can’t be monitored during the short span of classes.

Whoo! The disadvantages are so many; I guess the students, institutes, and teachers are fed up with online classes. Online classes not only hamper a student’s mind but also a health risk for the teachers.

But online classes themselves are a significant change in the modern world. It should be more interactive. More fun learning, extracurricular activities like debates, speeches, presentations, etc., should be a part of online classes.


Online classes can be an excellent option for students who don’t want to leave their home country to study abroad. Yet they will have to compromise their campus life, but hey, if you’re dedicated enough, you can sit and study from your house

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