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iOS is an operating system for Apple which runs on iPhone and iPod touch hardware. On 22nd June, 2020, during WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference) virtual conference, the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook revealed the newest iteration of the operating system. Along with that, the CEO and the other employees of the company also revealed latest developer tools.

The new iOS 14 will give the users more privacy and more exciting features. It was in beta version in WWDC. On 13th September, 2020, it was released to the general public. All those iPhone users who were capable of using iOS 13 are also capable of using iOS version. When the users will update their phone from iOS 13 to iOS 14, there will be a lot of new things to learn.

The iOS 14 is can only be upgraded in those hardware which were supporting iOS 13 such as iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE (1st generation), iPhone SE (2nd generation), iPod touch (7th generation).

What are the new features?

The users can witness two major changes in the new operating system iOS 14, i.e. the app library and the home screen widgets. These are the two changes which took place in a long while. The new upgraded system makes it easier to find the applications; it has also added certain features to siri, the users can also experience certain home screen improvements. They can also put the widgets on the home screen.


The widgets in the iOS are more associated to the Today view system. But the recent update has changed the experience of using it. Now, the users can arrange the widgets according to the size that is required. They are improved with a custom look and also provide the users the feel of using the application.

Another feature the users can experience is that they can now drag a widget from the today view and can place it on the home screen. The new feature gives the users the feel of the application according to which it has been designed. Overall, you can now use the widgets along with the applications on the home screen. Also, this is one of the major changes that were being requested by the users for a long time.

With this new features added to the widgets, the users have more access to the data from the applications than before.

The app library

There are so many categories of applications. Some applications are used on a daily basis; some applications are used for entertaining purposes, while some applications are used for emergency. The app library is yet another exciting feature of the new operating system iOS 14.

The app library gives an organized look to the home screen and this was the want of most of the users. In this you can’t organize the screen; it will get organized on its own accordingly.

Once you upgrade it to the iOS 14, you will see a box at the upper left named suggestions, and this will show four apps that Siri has determined you are likely to use based on the time of day, your location, etc. Then, at the upper right you will find a box named recently added. Here, you can find the applications which have been recently added to your device. Below these two boxes, you will find the boxes which are auto-arranged by the application category. In these boxes, the applications will be added accordingly to which category they belong to.


The siri is one of the most important and useful feature of the iOS operating system.  Now in the recent update of iOS 14, siri is available in every platform of Apple operating system in a compact manner. Instead of appearing in the form of full screen, now Siri appears in a smaller bubble form at the bottom of the screen. This feature will help you to interact with siri even while watching a screen. Previously, when you had to interact with the siri, it used to block the entire screen but now you can use it while viewing the screen. It can also help you to grab a lot of information from siri while using that particular application.


Just like whatsapp application, you can also now pin up your favorite contacts in the messages.  Previously, you had to search for the contacts you needed at the time of work or during emergency, but now you can just pin up the chat and can have a conversation. In messages, you can pin up 9 contacts in total.

 Picture in picture motion

Initially, this feature of picture in picture motion was restricted only to the iPad, but now the iPhone users can also experience the same.  


There are more exciting and useful features which had been added to the maps in the recent up gradation. The new features include the cycling direction feature. This will give a detail route of the cycling lanes from one selected place to the selected destination. This feature will provide the user with details regarding the bike lanes across the city which can be used by anyone using a cycle.

Another exciting feature which had been used by the maps is regarding the electric vehicles. This will automatically figure in the range using weather, elevation, and current charge to plan out charging stops along the route. 

Along with these features, there are many more improvements which have been done in the iOS 14 such car play, car keys, app store, app clips and many more which one can explore gradually. There are a lot of changes which have been made that were in billion requests by Apple users. After the up gradation from iOS13 to iOS 14, one will surely enjoy more of the Apple products.

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