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How to Avoid 9 Common Web Designing Mistakes that can Hurt SEO

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How to Avoid 9 Common Web Designing Mistakes that can Hurt SEO

In this Article, I will tell you 9 of the most common web design mistakes that may hurt your SEO and your rankings – and how to avoid them.

1. Poor Website Navigation

You don’t want your visitor to get lost after entering into your website. Instead, you want them to know exactly what to do at a glance. You just need to make sure to prioritize internal linking between your important pages. So that it will not hurt your SEO

2. Slow Page Load Speed

People in the digital online world want to move at lightning speed. If any user takes the time to click on your site, and it takes forever to load, It means they’ll be gone before you know it. If you want your visitors to stay on your Website for longer? Just make sure your website pages load within less than three seconds or less. There are many beautiful WordPress themes that you choose theme while building a website might be the reason that your site takes an eternity to load. That could be one of the reasons Why your SEO is not good.

few of the famoue Website themes are :-

Hello Elementor – This theme is simple and incredible speed allowing for a clean interface.
Astra – Astra’s theme is one of the fastest loading themes on WordPress. It’s also super easy to use.
OceanWP – This theme allows you to have a beautiful design. The best part is it’s a fully responsive theme that looks great, even on smaller devices.

3. A non-mobile-friendly Site

If we see the statistics – In fact, 70% of all digital media consumed in the U.S. is done from a smartphone. That is the reason, Google came up with mobile-first indexing. this means Google prioritizes the website which is Mobile-Friendly for indexing and ranking. If your website is not Mobile-Friendly, then expect it could the reason why it is invisible in (SEO) SERP (Search Engine Ranking Page)

4. H1 Tags (Especially on the Home Page)

H1 tag is so important. Your H1 tag is the first thing search engine crawlers look for to determine what your site is about. If you don’t have, there is more likely it is missing from the SERP.

Here are three tips on using H1 tags to please both Google and your visitors:
- Try to include your primary keyword(focused keyword)in your H1.
- Put your H1 above.

5. Large Images & Media Files

You also required to put the images with our blog or any other website, which is of course a good thib=ngs to do with your website. But do you know that large images and media files can slow your site down? Which will significantly increase your website load time and may impact your SERP. So just make sure to run your site through Google’s PageSpeed Insights Test.

6. Disruptive Pop-Ups

Do you use Popups with your website? Don’t worry it is a good choice because it can convert up to 1,375% more email subscribers. The problem creates when your pop-ups interrupt and annoy your visitors with too many unwanted popup screens. For instance, you can schedule your pop up only after a visitor has spent at least 30 seconds on your site. Or at least your user has scrolled halfway down your page.

7. Text in Images

The problem is when you add text directly into an image, you’re missing out on the chance of using an H1, sub-headline, and relevant keywords above the fold. Remember, although your visitors can read the text in images, Google can’t.

8. Infinite Scroll

Ever see a Website where you scroll to the bottom of a webpage and see new content loading? The problem is you can scroll but google bot can’t scroll which means Google won’t be able to index the pages on your site.


9.Not Having a 404 Page

We usually call it HTTP 404, 404 Not Found, 404, 404 Error, Page Not Found, File Not Found, or Server Not Found error message. It means that the page you are trying to access on a website couldn’t be found on their server. So It becomes very very important for you to build your Page 404 properly so that, If any visitors not found any page it will ask them to redirect to the HomePage.This is a very very important page.

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