How is forced positivity on social media causing mental diseases?

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‘The definition of positivity is not present in any online article, it is within you.’ 

We must all have heard about positivity, but what is forced positivity? And what is  meant by positivity per se? 

True positivity comes from within. It is when your mind asks you to jump, to  dance, to know and believe. But the broad smile and the show of optimism you  put up when someone else tells you that you should always be positive- that is  forced positivity.  

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Good mental health is that situation, where you can express your emotions,  whatever they might be, at any time without any inhibitions.  

The pandemic and the subsequent lockdown have limited physical Social  interaction, so all we have is social media. Everyone is somewhere hesitant to  express their true selves on Social Media. They feel, an outward show of glamour  and happiness, of success and of a blissful life is what they need to exhibit, even if  they are slowly dying inside. This is because it also fuels their feeling of  superiority. 

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This can become potentially harmful for both the one who is involved and others  who are connected to the person and hence are seeing it. If someone is feeling  mentally low in real life but on social media is trying to show her life as picture  perfect, that is trying to maintain a double standard, then it is a problem. Keeping  up this facade can become quite tiring and troublesome, and the person might  either have a breakdown, or start living in an alternate universe altogether, which  does not actually exist. 

When we talk about the people who are connected to this person via social  media, such outward show of fake positivity may have an adverse effect on them  as well. If one them who is going through a particularly low time is exposed to  such posts, he/she might feel that talking about the problem is not the best  option. Instead, that person might choose to wear a mask as well because of  which the problem gets even more suppressed and he/she spirals down faster in  the web of despair.  

Such posts might also inspire feelings of jealousy and envy, because of which  other people might feel the need to do the same, no matter what their real  situation is. In short, the vicious cycle continues and might also be fatal for  someone.  

Toxic Positivity: Don't Always Look on the Bright Side | Psychology Today

Positivity is a good thing, but how we are applying it and the manner in which we  are talking about it has to be thought through. Especially in these troubled times,  when we can never really be sure of what is a person is thinking or what he/she is  

going through, we should be extra careful about how we express ourselves. We  must always remember that Social Media, if used correctly and judiciously is a  boon, but otherwise, a bane. 

Something that is forced can never really be helpful or even successful in the long  run. Everyone is sometime or the other stretched to their breaking point. And  when you continue doing something post your breaking point, that is when things  go awry. The same goes for positivity, even though it considered to be something  “good” by general consensus. But what is the meaning of positivity, if it cannot  really do what it is supposed to, make you feel better from within? Does positivity  remain positivity anymore, if it simply becomes a tool to show off and build an  emotional barrier?

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What will be the use of positivity, if we keep speaking about it  but do not really understand the true meaning, the true essence of it? In this  situation, are we really ‘positive’? Or are we slowly inching towards something  that is just the opposite? I think it’s high time we gave thought to it.

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