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All gamers are aware of the game free fire, and the craze behind it needs no introduction. Free fire has become one of the most popular mobile games that have even surpassed pubG mobile and other games of a similar genre.

This game was released in 2017 for Android and IOS users and with graphics, and the genre of which this game belongs attracted a lot of people from the gaming community.

It’s been three and half years since the launch of this game, and it has over 500 million users worldwide.

Free fire is a battle royale game with different characters, and all of the characters have a diverse background to give a personal touch to the game.

The most astonishing factor of this game is the characters only. The developers of this game have created different backgrounds for every character, and based on their background, those characters have power.

Developers have tried their best to add astonishing factors in the game that can make it unique from the others, and the characters have played a significant role in doing so.

Free Fire has launched various seasons in the last three years, and now the latest season of this game , season 21, has arrived.

Free fire rank season 21 will have new additions to the game, and The gamers will have to start everything from scratch.

This article will share the essential details that you should know about season 21 of free fire. Let’s a

When Will Season 21 end?

Free fire season 21 started on May 7th, and it will end on July 2nd, after which the new season will begin.

What’s New in Season 21?

One of the most beautiful things that season 21 of free fire will have is Bermuda remastered or Bermuda 2.0 maps.

This map was available in the regular game mode only, but Bermuda remastered is also available in the rank mode. In season 21 of free fire, gamers can choose this map to play the battle royale.

The Bermuda remastered map was available in the previous season as well, but this time, it will have few modifications that can make the entire game much more enjoyable.

Before starting to play this game, The gamers must know the new locations added to the 2.0 map and the areas where the loot areas are located.

Since this map was not available in all the seasons, the gamers shouldn’t jump on this fascinating map immediately.

If a player has never played on this map before, there are possibilities that he or she might get lost or even confused while playing in the new locations.

The confusion will ultimately lead to the player’s defeat, which a gamer can not effort in ranked mode.

Everybody should know that if you lose in a ranked mode, the numbers of the players will be affected. The developers of Garena free fire have recently taken this decision.

Rewards in Free Fire Season 21

Free fire season 21 has different reward levels, ranging from bronze, silver, gold diamond, platinum, and much more. Most of the rewards that are given in season 21 are similar to the previous ones.

Below we have provided systematic details of all the rewards you can have in season 21 of the free fire.

1. The minimum reward range is bronze divided into three parts: bronze I, bronze II, and bronze III. In the various levels of the bronze rewards, players can have rank tokens up to 5x, resupply maps, bonfire, summon AirDrop, and much more.

2. The second level of the reward is silver that also has three levels: silver I, silver II, and silver III, and all of the levels have different numbers of rewards, but the total amount of gold coins that will have in each level is 1500 gold coins.

3. The third level of the reward is gold, with four different categories of the prize. You get the additional XP, AN94- S21 Exclusive: Hayato Firebrand, gold royale voucher, rank tokens, along with the total gold coins of 2000.

4. If the players can level up themselves, they can get the rewards of the platinum category that has again four levels in which you can get 2500 gold points along with 20 times higher rank tokens 50% of the XP card and S21 platinum banner.

5. Then there are the four categories of diamond reward that includes 3000 gold coins with three times higher resupply maps, three times higher fragment creates, and 525 times more excellent rank tokens. The more you play well, the more supply and tools you get.

6. For the outstanding players, there are other rewards of Heroic and Grandmaster. You get the S21 heroic banner, S21 heroine jacket, and rank tokens of 750 times higher than any additional reward in the heroic.

As for the grandmaster, in this reward, you get 60 days of Grandmaster Avatar and a Grandmaster banner for 60 days.

Summing up

Garena free fire is one of the most fantastic games that has made its mark in the gaming community, and a lot of gamers play it and invest themselves in every new season that the developers launch.

Up till now, the game has had a huge craze over the season 1 to 20, and with the launch of season 21 on May 7th, it is expected that The gamers will have a similar phrase for this season as well.

Garena free fire has become popular because of its graphics, characters, powers, weapons, and rewards.

And to keep up with the legacy of the rewards and characters even in season 21, developers have given it was more than what was expected by the spectators.

On July 2nd, when season 21 of free fire will end, a new season will be launched the next day. With the end of season 21, gamers will be waiting for the next season with the similar anticipation that they were waiting for this season.

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