Free Fire New Season/Game

All gamers are aware of the game free fire, and the craze behind it needs no introduction. Free fire has become one of the most popular mobile games that have even surpassed pubG mobile and other games of a similar genre. This game was released in 2017 for Android and IOS users and with graphics, … Read more

Japan resuming business travels with South Korea

The raging Coronavirus pandemic which has been wreaking havoc since late has adversely affected theeconomy of almost the entire world. Strict measures were taken by multiple countries to curb thetransmission of the virus. Japan was one among many countries to seal its borders to internationaltravellers to check the spread of the pandemic. Japan has had … Read more

All You Need To Know About Canada’s Tourists Exemption Law

The Canadian government has decided to ban all international tourists, even those with valid visas or Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), from entering the country till 31 October 2020. Bill Blair, Canada’s Minister of Public Safety, tweeted on October 1, about the newly ratified guidelines issued in the wake of the deteriorating situation induced by the … Read more

Why did the meme culture cancel TikTok when it started to grow?

TikTok, formerly popular as, is a social networking site that allows its users to make short dances, lip sync, comedy, talent and music videos. It is owned by a Chinese internet technology company ByteDance. The app has garnered a lot of audience and users around 2018, and has a huge fan base worldwide, specifically … Read more

5 Best Offline Games To Play For Android Devices

If you are fed up of playing online games or live in such a place where internet connection is an issue, then switch to playing some offline games. Offline games don’t require internet connection additionally you can play/pause on demand, unlike online the multiplayer games. So, here are five offline android based games which you … Read more

Top 5 Budget Destinations to visit after this exhausting lockdown

The coronavirus pandemic has locked us in our homes for months and counting. While it isn’t feasible or safe to travel now, one might plan for vacations once this pandemic ends. So this is the ideal time to find the perfect destinations to rejuvenate and freshen yourselves. While pandemic has caused various economic hardships, only … Read more

2020 Bihar Elections Complete Schedule

2020 Bihar Election Dates, Schedule The Election Commission of India on Friday announced a three-phase polling in Bihar which is As per the schedule, the first phase polling will be held on October 28 (71 seats there), second phase polling will be held on November 3 (94 seats there), and the third phase polling will … Read more