Blogger vs WordPress: Why WordPress is better over Blogger in 2020

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What is Blogger and WordPress?

Blogger is a simple blogging platform while WP is a bit more complex because of the customization options they offer.

In other Words, we can say,
Blogger is just a simple service that enables you to create a blog and publish it online hassle-free immediately,
Whereas WordPress on other hand, is a full-featured Content Management System (CMS) for building websites. In practical terms, this means that you can use WordPress to create nearly any type of website.
WordPress is also free to use, but it won’t host your blog, you need a domain and hosting server to host your domain, and then you use WordPress for free.

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Blogger or WordPress

In this Section, we will explain what is common between blogger and WordPress. We would see how both (Blogger and WordPress) works, their drawback, advantages, and many more items.

But before getting started, when it comes to blogging, we have many more options to get started.

Blogging Platforms for WordPress and Blogger Alternatives:

  1. Tumblr
  2. Medium
  3. Typepad
  4. Jekyll
  5. and more…

CMS for WordPress Alternatives:

  1. Joomla
  2. Drupal
  3. Ghost
  4. TYPO3
  5. Textpattern

But in this section, we will be discussing Blogger vs WordPress. So now let’s get started. There are many debates over Blogger and WordPress, many users like Blogger because it is free to use and a go-to start, and many likes WordPress because of its increased power and enriched features.

You are free to start your carrier with Blogger, but I recommend don’t stick to it for so long. I also started my journey of blogging from Blogger only and later shifted to WordPress. when I got to knew about the power of real WordPress.  If you want to give a try to Blogger, you are welcome there as well, but the true power of blogging you will only come to know when you start with WordPress

when it comes to professional blogging where you’re looking for ways to make money from blogging, WordPress gives you wider options.
Many say, Blogger, is a Google product which means it gives more SEO advantages. But this not true. SEO is decided by how you configure your complete site for search engines

How to choose between Blogger vs WordPress
Both WordPress and Blogger have their place in the market, and both are useful for a certain type of people.

pros and cons of Blogger and WordPress


1. It’s very quick and simple to get started with – you can create your first blog in just few minutes.
2. You dont need to buy hosting plan to get started its absolutely 100% free.
3. It has limited features and you wont face any difficulty in learning these features.
4. It also got some features to personalised your blog.

1. Bloggers provide you limited features, you can created feature rich content from it.
2. It is less impressive and very fewer users in market


1. Feature-rich platform where you can build any size of content and website
2. Hundreds of thousands of free plugin to create awesome Website
3. Easy to learn the platform, you don’t need to any prior knowledge of blogging to get started with WordPress
4. Far better over Blogger.
5. More than 30% of website running is built on WordPress.
6. Inbuild CMS plugin

1. Platform is free to use, but you need domain and domain hosting to get started.
2. need to make sure Website is well customized and secure as well.

WordPress vs Blogger || Why WordPress is better than Blogger?

Undoubtedly WordPress is the no. 1 content management system in the world. Most of the successful bloggers are using WordPress for their blogging because of it feature-rich content and easy to use functionality.

Still, there are many bloggers especially the new bloggers who are confused between WordPress hosting and Bloggers.

Which one to choose between Blogger and WordPress?

The main difference is is free to just started because it is own by Google and google handle its Hosting services,
In the case of WordPress, you need a little money to get started to buy shared hosting and domain. WordPress has so much Controller and power over your blog if you choose WordPress,

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WordPress Plugin

Plugin : You can get thousands of plugin to get started where in Blogger you want get any plugin.
Whaat is plugin ? 
Plugins provide greater functionality to a WP blog that provides much security, speediness, quality maintenance and easiness to the WP users
There are thousands of Plugin in WordPress directory and most of them are free, there are some premium plugin as well which can add a lot more advanced feature to your Website. But i f your blogger these free plugins are enough for you.
You can build a complete Website just by using WordPress Plugin.

Support: If your Blogger website got currepted or get hacked or something got wrong, you can visit the Support forum for any assistance .

If your WordPress website stops working or got something wrong you can contact your hosting provider to resolve your issue. I will recommend going with redlake hosting they take your backup every day and provide 24/7 assistance. If your data corrupted they will help to resolve for you in free of cost.

Cost: Of course as discussed Blogger is free to use, doesn’t need to pay anything to get started with Blogger. Whereas with WordPress you need to spend money on buying Domain and Domain Hosting, which is not too expensive :
A domain will cost you 10$/Year and Hosting will cost you 20$/Year which is considered cheap price only.

Themes: One of the core features of WordPress is its Theme options, you will get hundreds of thousands of free theme for your Website you don’t need to write any code, just install and use it. Blogger also provide theme options but it is limited.

One more feature of WordPress is, If you want to develop your website on WordPress before going live, then Yes it possible, just watch the below video to see how you can install WordPress locally and build your website before going live.


Blogger: This is a completely free, very simple blogging platform that will have you up and running in minutes. However, your options for customizing your blog or doing much beyond creating basic posts are very limited.

WordPress: This platform requires a little more time (and the cost of a hosting plan and domain name) to get started with. On the other hand, it’s easy for beginners to use, offers a ton of customization options, provides many features for more advanced users.

I hope you got some insight of which blogging platform to choose. If not then have some more look below :

Do you want to make money online?
I know most of the answer is Yes, Then WordPress is the right choice to go with. You can make money from Blogger as well but here Google is the Owner and they can delete your website if they want.
But in the case of WordPress, You are the owner, if have your own domain, domain hosting and you will have full control over it.

I Hope you got some idea which one to choose…..
Please write me in comment section which blogging platform you are going to choose.

disclaimer : Above article is best of my knowledge, I am not getting any commision from Blogger or WordPress.

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