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Pennsylvania is the oldest state in the US. It is one of the original 13 American colonies. It is the 33rd largest state in the nation with a high population. Education ranking according to US News is 37.

  1. Pennsylvania State University-World Campus

It is situated in University Park, Pennsylvania, and was founded in 1892. Online Campus Launched in 1998 and ranked 8 in bachelor’s online programs. Online programs are more flexible like there is no specific time mentioned for the classes., which is beneficial for working people. Financial aid, scholarships are provided for eligible students. It offers online degrees or certificate courses in accounting, business, IT, Multimedia, Journalism, Economics, Finance, History, Law, Social Sciences, Nursing, Marketing, etc. The acceptance rate is 54%. Tuition fees, on average, cost around 13000USD for full-time students, which is less than most colleges.

  1. Villanova University

It is situated in Villanova, Pennsylvania. It is a private Catholic university founded in 1842; It is the only Augustinian University in the United States nation. It ranked 49 in National universities. It offers various online programs like Engineering, Liberal Arts, Nursing, Business, and Law. The tuition fee cost around 60000USD for undergraduates. For the credit hour-based programs and other certificate programs, it may vary. The college has a meager acceptance rate of 28%. Highly competitive school and less chance of qualification.

  1. Temple University

A public research university situated in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and was founded in 1884. It provides fully accredited graduate programs to students, providing graduate, undergraduate, certificate, and non-credit programs online. Clinical doctorate, Masters of Business, Music, Special education, Epidemiology, HR Management, IT, and Social work. The Tuition fee is around 16000 USD for Locals and 29000 USD for domestic. The acceptance rate is 60%. It ranked 103 in US News in National Universities.

  1. Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences

It is a Private healthcare University in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It was founded in 1903. It is unranked in US News but has good remarks and ranking in Nursing. The acceptance rate is 67%. It provides all health care courses online and Masters in Nursing- Administration, and Nursing- Education. It provides all science-related subjects in Online courses. The Tuition fee may vary based on the course and duration, on average, it costs around 30000 USD. Financial aid is given to eligible students. There is less rate of Online classes than offline.

  1. Duquesne University

It is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It is a catholic Research University and was founded in 1878. It ranked 148 in National Universities according to US News. One of the top Catholic universities in the nation. Online Degree Programs in Business, Liberal Arts, Health Science, Nursing, and Pharmacy are provided. The tuition fees cost around 40000 USD for undergraduates and 24000 USD for Graduates. There are three bachelor programs and ten master programs offered. The acceptance rate is 74%.

  1. Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania

A public university that was founded in 1889 is located in Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania. It ranked 78 in Regional Universities North according to US News. It provides Online degrees in Bachelors for Nursing, Accounting, Management, Health care, and Arts. It costs around 20000 USD for online degrees and financial aid and scholarships granted for eligible students. 80% of the SRU classes are online during last fall and spring. It is best known for Visual and Performing Arts, and Management. It has a 70% acceptance rate according to 2020.

  1. Saint Joseph’s University

Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and was founded in 1851 in a Jesuit education model. One of the Best regional universities in the North ranked by US News and World report. It is also ranked the best catholic University regionally. These online programs like bachelor’s, Master’s, and also certified courses in Arts, science, IT, and social sciences. Tuition fee varies from course to course; for credential hours, it costs over 500$ per hour—experienced faculty with student-teacher interactions from anywhere with just a system and internet.

  1. Saint Francis University

It is situated in Lorento, Pennsylvania, and was founded in 1847. A Private Catholic University, one of the top regional universities ranked by US News. IT provided online degrees for bachelors in Social Sciences, Humanities, Arts and Business. It also provides Master’s degrees in Engineering, IT, Science field, and Business administration. Tuition fees vary for courses and degrees. For an undergraduate, it costs around 35000 USD. The acceptance rate is 75%.

  1. Thomas Jefferson University

Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, founded in 1824. It ranks one of the best schools in fashion, medical, pharmacy, and short medical courses. Jefferson provides online degrees to many streams like It, science, business, social services, etc. It is ranked 15th best in the northern US states by US News and World Report and ranked 148 in National Universities. They provide good research and quality education. The average tuition fee for undergraduates is around 38000 USD. Financial Aid and Scholarship benefits are applicable for eligible students. The acceptance rate is 63%.

  1. Cairn University-Langhorne

This University is located in Langhorne, which is a small town. Maybe because of the humid climate or not, Langhorne provides online study. Cairn University is a private Christian University and was founded in 1913. which offers offline as well as online. The online study includes Pastoral ministries, biblical studies; other than that, it also provides a place for business, social sciences, arts, and sports. With a good faculty and gives quality education—average tuition fee costs around 19000 USD. The acceptance rate is 76%.

Overall Pennsylvania had the best online colleges with a wide range of programs. The Christian colleges are more in this state, might be because of the long history of the state. Pittsburgh and Philadelphia stand best in industries and have a hidden net worth and are helpful for the state in Economy.

  • Go through the accreditation of the university.
  • Tuition fee and scholarship aids to be checked before joining.
  • Check for the faculty experience.
  • Check for the US News college ranking.

Only after going through these steps apply and join the college.

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