Apple Watch Series 6: What’s New?

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Here is all you must know about the Apple watch series 6. Recently, the Apple Company released the sixth generation of the Apple smart watch. And the new generation of the Apple watch is just spoiling the users with its brilliant performance. On 15th September, 2020, the company revealed about the Apple watch series 6.

Apple watch

Apple watch is a smart watch which has been designed by the Apple Company. It is the best smart watch you can buy for yourself.  You can connect your Apple smart watch with your other Apple devices. The smart watch allows you to receive calls, reply back to the text messages, operate applications and be updated about other things without even opening up your Apple devices.  The first Apple smart watch was released in the year 2015.

Apple watch series 6

The Apple Company in the year 2020 released its sixth iteration of its smart watch. It gives a buttery smooth feeling to the users. The users are enjoying the new generation of the Apple smart watch like anything.


The new Apple watch series 6 follows the same design that is of Apple watch series 5.  The smart watch comes with a range of exciting colors and new straps. It also includes a solo loop and braided solo loop strap that have no buckles or pins.

The finishing of the Apple watch series 6 is very attractive. It is one of the reasons why people are eager to buy the new smart watch from Apple. Just like Apple watch series 5, Apple watch series 6 includes aluminium, stainless steel and titanium.


The Apple watch series 6 comes with a large display. It has the same footprint which was designed in Apple watch series 4.  The watch series 6 also has and always on retina display which was also designed in the watch series 5. Also, the display of the watch series 6 is 2.5 brighter than watch series 5. The apple watch series 6 is available in 40mm and 44mm which were also there in the watch series 5.

One of the greatest things about apple products is that it is water resistant.  The new Apple watch series 6 is also water resistant up to 50 meters.


The new apple watch series 6 comes with a dual core processor. It is also said that the watch series 6 is twenty percent faster than watch series 5. The watch comes with optical heart rate sensors, accelerometers, always-on altimeters, microphones and speakers.  Apple watch series 6 also provides you with the U1 chip and Ultra Wideband antennas.  This helps in enabling short range wireless location features such as next generation digital car keys.

The battery life of the apple watch series 6 stays up to 18 hours long. Though, the battery life was same in the previous watch series of Apple but still it may get improved in the next up gradation.  Also, one of the greatest advantages is that it can be fully charges within 1.5 hours. It comes with fast charging method. Fast charging is a great way for time management.


The operating system that is functioning in watch series 6 is watchOS 7 software. The wacthOS 7 software is available from watch series 3 onwards. If you are using any watch series prior to watch series 6 then you can download watchOS 7 after 16th September, 2020. Certain features which are available on watchOS 7 and which you can experience in watch series 6 are like family setup, silent alarms, sleep tracking, siri enhancements which also includes translations, shareable watch faces, maps showing directions of cycling lanes, hearing protection features, wind down mode, etc.


The apple watch series 6 offers you with blood oxygen monitoring. This is one of the greatest features of this new apple watch series 6. The watch series 6 can also take the ECG. It also has false detection and comes with international emergency calling system. The watch will also show you high and low heart rate notifications and irregular heart rhythm notifications.

The watch series 6 comes with blood oxygen monitoring system which is also known as SpO2 monitoring. Blood oxygen sensors can measure the oxygen saturation level of your blood.  It also shows you the real time elevation tracking with the always on altimeter.

The watch series of Apple Company is the most amazing product of the company. In today’s world, when everybody wants every information and updates in front of their eyes then apple is the best company to buy products from. Starting from iPhone to iPad to watch series, apple has never failed to surprise its customers. From the initial days it has maintain a standard which can never be compares with other gadgets.  

Apple Company has never failed to satisfy its users. That’s why it is the most trusted gadgets one can ever have. It is all about securing your privacy. The designs and the operating system are totally unique and justifiable. One will not only enjoy using the Apple products or have the most amazing experience but also be secured about the privacy. That’s one of the important things why it is the most trusted company.

The features of every products starting from designs and display to software and hardware, the Apple products has always attracted the majority of the customers towards it. Overall one can never regret using any of the apple products.

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