Apple To Have Foldable iPhones With Samsung Screens?

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It was reported that Apple has ordered a bunch of foldable displays from Samsung. Is this clearly suggesting that Apple is currently working on a foldable iPhone? Well, to be honest, nobody knows.

Samsung apparently will supply the units to Apple for around a whole year. I believe iPhone 12 is definitely not going to be a foldable one. iPhone 13 can be the foldable one but Apple does not take any decision so fast. They would want to bring the foldable iPhones in such a way that nobody would be able to replicate the class and quality. This is what Apple has been doing since forever which is why it is where it is.

Samsung and Apple have had businesses earlier also. Samsung has been a key supplier to apple and has also provided the OLED screens for iPhones. It makes complete sense why there are not speculations about foldable iPhones because Samsung has been giving a lot of things to Apple since a long time.

It looks like Apple has tested the sample unit which is why the whole and ordered more of the foldable screens because they liked it. If this is the rate of things, iPhone 13 could very well have the foldable screen and it would look awesome.

Some people like Android and some people like iOS but you cannot deny the fact that iPhones look very good. The foldable screen would just be a feather on the cap for the whole Apple legacy.

Samsung has already made a phone with a foldable display. It is called the Galaxy fold. After it was released, allowed other companies tried to replicate the concept. However, they are going to consider stepping up their production game because the demand would definitely be more after this.

The rumours of Apple working on a foldable device has been around since last year but nothing was seen or heard in a long time. This one report of Samsung supplying foldable screens to Apple has stirred up the tech community and everybody is talking about it.

There are higher chances of the device being an iPhone because the foldable screens that Samsung makes would be required in an iPhone itself. They can definitely imbibe the whole thing in an iPad which would make sense considering its big size.

In my opinion, just knowing the fact that Apple has not given up on the foldable device idea that they had is a good news. All we can do at this point of time is wait and watch what Apple is up to and what products it releases in this or the next year.

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