Among Us – How Did It Gain So Much Popularity?

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The game among us gained popularity overnight. The game among us was initially released in the year 2018 but it was not so popular back then. During this pandemic, people discovered so many things that were not so in mainstream before this pandemic. With ban on so many overrated games, people discovered so many underrated games and made it popular overnight. Among us is one of those games which gained popularity during this pandemic.

What is among us?

Among us is an online multiplayer game. The game consists of 4-10 players. One of the best games till now to play within your friends and feel connected by staying at home. The game was developed and published by American game studio Inner sloth. It is available to both android and iOS users. After its release in the year 2018, it had some 30-50 players only. It did not do as per its expectations after its release. Back then not everybody was aware of this game. You can easily download the game from the Google play store. The game can be played both on a PC and the mobile as well.

How did it gained popularity?

In the year 2020, a lot of online games got popular and a lot of online games got banned in many countries due to the controversial issues related to the corona virus. Initially it started gaining popularity in Brazil and South Korea, and then it eventually started getting famous in other countries as well. Now, it has emerged as one of the most popular game. From 30-5- players playing this game to millions of players playing this game, this game have attracted so many players at the same time.  

How to play?

In among us, each game consists of 4-10 players at one time. It is one of the plus points because usually most of the online game only consists of a team of maximum 5 players. But this                                   game allows 4-10 players at one time. There are in total three maps available in the game. All of these maps are set in space which even attracts the players more.

Each player who is there in the team is a crewmate on the spaceship. Among them one is the imposter. The main goal of the imposter is to kill everyone else before being discovered. The crew wins the game when they finish their tasks or if they discover who the imposter is and kicks them off. The imposter can win if they kill everyone on board.

In the game, crewmates will run around the ship. The crewmates will be performing tasks while imposters look for victims. When a crew member is killed, if another member stumbles upon the body, they can report it and trigger a meeting between everyone on board.

One fun fact about this game is that you can have a fun conversation with your teammates while playing the game. Also, you can catch the other teammate if they are lying.  It is basically a contest of who is the best pathological liar in the friend group.

After the above mentioned meeting, the teammates can either choose to vote off a player or can skip the voting in order to finish their task. Also, the players if they wish can call an emergency meeting if they are suspecting who the imposter is.

Where can you find this game?

The game among us is available for both android and iOS users. Also, you can download this game on your PC as well as in your mobile as per your convenience. The game is available on Google play store and is free for download. It will consume nearly about 72mb of your data. As per the feedback, the battery drainage is very less while using this gaming application.  

What things you need to take care while playing this game?

You need to have a proper internet connection which is very important for playing this game, because this is an online gaming platform. You can be the host and host a game and play it within your friends or you can join online game with players across the globe. That depends completely on your convenience. The game consists of maximum 10 players and maximum three imposters at the same time. Sometimes, if the imposter wants then they can impose fake tasks on the players in order to win the game.

Though it is an online game so the players should be aware of what they are speaking as they can be heard by each and every team player. It is a great online multiplayer game which can get you out of your boredom and also allows you have fun with your friends while staying home.  During this world pandemic, it is a great way to stay connected with your friends through this game. You can have two things: talk with your friends about funny stuff and alongside play this fun game with your friends.  

Initially due to the poor marketing strategy, the game did not become as popular as it was expected to be. It also lacked certain graphics back then which is why many people were not enjoying this game. But due to certain ban on various games in the year 2020 and due to the problem of accessibility by many players, the game among us gained a huge popularity in the summer of 2020.

If you scroll through your social media right now then you can have knowledge about how popular this game has become.  Also, there have been rumors about among us 2 which will be released very soon. But one should definitely try this game during this pandemic rather than complaining about getting bored.

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