2020 Android 11 Specification and features

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Google rolled out its Android 11 Operating System to the public, following months of beta testing and updates to the mobile operating system. Google also confirmed Android 11 features, As usual Google this time also added small tweaks and quirks to its updates that it don’t always detail, so as more of these get discovered by intrepid users, we’ll add them to this list.

Important Release Date

• Google already revealed that its major software update for Android smartphones on 8 September 2020, following months of developer and public beta testing.
• Well, September 8 marked the release of Android 11 on Pixel phones, But you have to wait if you don’t own a handset from a company other than Google,

Duel Screen

Along with the same idea of split-screen apps is Android’s Picture-in-Picture feature. Using it could not be simpler, you just have to know it’s there.
I like to watch my favorite Twitch streamers while I browse Reddit or check my emails. To trigger PiP, start watching a video and then go back to the home screen. Really, it’s that easy. Once you leave the app, if it supports PiP mode, the video will show up as a small window on your phone’s screen. You can drag it around, resize or close it.

Tab Features

If you want switch the tab which you have opened you can do the double press to the square navigation button that can change your tab simultaneously that’s the great feature your android 11 based smartphone.

Smart Lock Features

Smart Lock features can keep you from scanning your fingerprint or to enter your PIN whenever you’re home or at work. From setting you can keep your phone unlocked when you’re in a specific location. You can also set to keep your android smartphone unlocked when it detects you’re active, like when you’re walking around while holding the phone pressed to your face or speaking over Bluetooth on headphones. Actually, the same feature is there in the previous version of Android as well.
Process – Open Settings > Security > Smart Lock and enter your PIN code when prompted. From there, you can pick which aspect of Smart Unlock you want to use.

Switch Off / Restart / And Emergency Mode

Now the Android 11 has very nice features for switch your smartphone off in the notification panel you will get the button to switch off your smartphone or restart Features you don’t have too long-press your power button to switch off or to restart your phone.

USB Port Notification In Moisture Or Dust Problems

• Android 11 update will provide you a smart feature where your phone can tell whether debris or moisture is clogging the USB port and you might want to clean it. Otherwise, you may face problems while charging your smartphone or connecting USB accessories, or in a rare incident, the port might get damaged.
• Android will even disable your smartphone USB port to prevent any further damage. Google lists Contamination Detection under its official Android 11 features list, which means it will possibly arrive on all Android 11-supported devices.


The software update brings a number of new features including Message bubbles, redesigned notifications, improved work profiles, a new power menu with smart home controls, a media playback widget, a resizable picture-in-picture window, screen recording and much more that can helps to improve our usage and some bugs improvement as well.

New Notifications Features

After installing Android 11 in your Smartphone, you’ll notice that any alerts from all of your messaging apps, like Google Messages, have a committed “Conversations” section in your notification bar.
The change makes it simple to find the alerts, but if you receive a lot of messages, even this section can get messy.

New Recent changes in apps screen

• There’s an intriguing change to the recent apps screen in the latest developer preview, which gets rid of quick app suggestions, and replaces it with a screenshot/share options is there. Plus, the cards showing thumbnails.
• In the fourth developer preview, Google also added a ‘Select’ button to the bottom row of icons on the recent apps screen to make it more clear that you can – indeed – manually select text or images from the app thumbnail card.
• What’s more, when you swipe a card away to dismiss it/clear it from memory, there’s an undo option that lets you bring it back again when you’ve swiped it accidentally


• When you’ve activated Android’s gesture navigation, swiping in from the edge replaces the ‘back’ button. In Android 11 you can adjust how sensitive you want this gesture to be, this will be helpful if you’re in an app with its own dedicated controls and gestures near the edge of the screen. You can even individually adjust the setting for each side of the display.
• There are some more gestures features available in the fingerprint sensors when you swipe from up to down, your phone jumps to the notification panel instead of opening the panel from the top menu.

Charging Features

Now will talk about the charging features which is available in android 11 like my smartphone Samsung Galaxy M21 here you can control the charging speed means if you want to charge your smartphone fast then it already switched on the fast charging mode but if you don’t want to use the fast charging mode then you can switched to the normal mode there the smartphone will take much time to full charge.

Voice access – control your phone with your voice

The best experience smart accessibility feature is the ability to control your phone with your voice using Google’s Voice Assistant. With it activated, you can do anything simply by speaking. So if you want to launch an app you can, or even compose a message, send a tweet, view your photos. It assigns numbers to certain control elements within the user interface as well.

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