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We will tell you some of the hidden featuresa in your Android 10 Smartphone.Here the complete information of android 10 hidden features are given below :-

Android 10

Android 10 Features

Restart / Switch Off / And Emergency Mode

Now the android 10 has very nice features for switch your smartphone off in the notification panel you will get the button to switch off your smartphone or restart Features. You don’t have to long-press your power button to switch off or to restart your phone.


• First we will talk about the gestures of android 10 here you can use 3 types of gestures like full or visible gestures navigation.

• There are more gestures features available in the fingerprint sensors when you swipe from up to down, your phone jumps to the notification panel which means you don’t have to swipe up to down on the screen.

Charging Features

• Now will talk about the charging features which is available in android 10 like my smartphone Samsung Galaxy M20 here you can control the charging speed means

•  If you want to charge your smartphone fast it’s already switched on the fast charging mode. But if you don’t want to use the fast charging mode then you can switch to the normal mode where the smartphone will take much time to full charge according to your settings.

USB Port Notification features In Moisture Or Dust Problem

• Android 10 update, your phone can tell whether moisture or the USB port and you might want to clean it. Otherwise, you might face difficulties while charging your phone or connecting USB accessories.

• Android has a feature that helps to disable the USB port to prevent any further damage. I was not able to trigger the notification on my device. its official Android 10 features lists, which means it has possibly to arrive on all Android10 supported devices.

Notification Features

This feature is available in all the android 10 based smartphones you can use the vibration mode of the notification. You will get or any missed call but you didn’t have the phone and after you will take the phone back your smartphone will vibrate that can help you to check the notification or missed calls.

Dual Screen

Along with the same idea of split-screen apps is Android’s Picture-in-Picture feature, which you just have to know it’s there.

I like to watch my favorite Twitch streamers while I browse Reddit or check my emails. Start watching a video and then go back to the home screen. Really, it’s that easy. Once you leave the app, if it supports PiP mode, the video will show up as a small window on your phone’s screen. You can drag it around, resize or close it which means you can adjust around the display.

Checkout Android 10 Feature

Tab Features

If you want to switch the tab which you have opened you can do the double press to the square navigation button that can change your tab simultaneously. That’s the great feature have your android 10 based smartphone I really impressed with this feature.

Smart Lock Features

Smart Lock features can keep you from scanning your fingerprint or to enter your PIN whenever you’re home or at work. You can set it to keep your phone unlocked when you’re in a specific location. You can also set it to keep the phone locked when it detects you are not active on the smartphone. like when you’re walking around while holding the phone pressed to your face or speaking over Bluetooth on wireless headphones.

Process – Open Settings > Security > Smart Lock and enter your PIN code when prompted. Which means you can operate all the functions of these features.

Recovery Notification Features Present

You can clear your notification when you tap to the button to clear your notification tray, only to notice an alert you needed to read at the last second? I know I have. Thankfully, there’s a hidden Notification Log that will show you a running tally of every alert and notification you’ve received for the past few days.

Long-press on any empty spot on your screen, then select Widgets from the menu. Find the Settings option, then select Notification Log. The next time you miss an alert, tap the widget, and you will see a list of all of your alerts then you know what notification and calls you have get.

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